The TEDxSaintLouisUniversityMadrid organization team invites members of the SLU-Madrid community to participate in our third annual TEDx event, “Transcending the Everyday Life State,” hosted at SLU-Madrid April 11, 2019.




TEDx Event: “Transcending the Everyday Life State”


The world has changed deeply. Life is more complex and more demanding today. We have moved from the industrial to the information age and, with that change, have seen a shift in the knowledge aimed at improving the human condition.  In our personal, family and professional lives, we face universal challenges that we must learn how to manage, but we also need to be able to face uncertainty in a transcendental way.

In this new scenario of “no certainty,” the independence of the individual (focusing on oneself and self-interests) does not lead the person to achieve his/her own goals alone. A new scenario of interdependence opens up in which we all depend on each other, one in which we can all contribute in a transcendental way (to leaving a better society for future generations), thus reaching the balance, happiness and personal fulfillment that we all long for in our current life.

According to Maslow’s Theory, the upper part of the human needs pyramid is occupied by self-actualization. At the end of his life, Maslow placed happiness, fulfillment and contributions to posterity ahead of self-actualization and called it self-transcendence.

In our multidisciplinary event, we will explore the need to “transcend” through real stories that contribute to making a better world for future generations.

As in every TEDxSaintLouisUniversityMadrid event, speakers will be chosen from among our University environment and local community.